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Wireless Communication

Is one of the largest distributor of wireless communication in Norway. The head office is located in Oslo with branches in Stavanger, Bergen and Hokksund.

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Swedish Radio Supply

Founded in 1967 and are one of the largest distributor of wireless communication in Sweden. The head office is located in Karlstad with branches in both Stockholm and Halmstad.

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Radiocom Danmark

Radiocom Danmark is a specialist in 2-way radio communication and total communications solutions. The head office is located in Ishøj with branch in Hinnerup.

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Oy Insalko

Insalko is an enterprise founded in 1952 specializing in communication equipments. Insalko offers a comprehensive range of products and services for industry and public sector.

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VHF Group

The VHF Group AS is a holding company with headquarter in Oslo, Norway. The companies that form the VHF Group have been active since the 1950s. The VHF Group was founded in 1982.

The Group was founded in order to improve our marketing profile and our negotiation position in relation to our suppliers. This in turn has helped us to become more competitive and increase our market share. The Group has companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, as well as exclusive agreements with external agents in Iceland and Baltic.

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