We are delighted to announce that VHF Group and its subsidiaries will be rebranded into Northcom as of September 29, 2020.

The first company in VHF Group was formed over 50 years ago and over the years we have been operating under different names in each country providing wireless communication solutions for the public and private sector.

The objective of the rebranding is to create a unified brand throughout Northern Europe while continuing to deliver innovative and critical communications solutions to public safety and industry users facing tough day-to-day challenges where communication really matters.

Consequently our companies in Denmark (Radiocom Danmark), Sweden (Swedish Radio Supply) and Norway (Wireless Communication) will also be trading under the Northcom brand from this date.

Please note that our rebranding and name change will not affect other aspects of our legal entity like address, telephone, VAT and registration number etc. The company Insalko in Finland, which is an associated company to the group, will keep their current name and branding.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.